August 6, 2021

3 Ways to Help Children Adjust After Moving During the Summer

The real estate market heats up during the summer months, but that trend has less to do with the temperature than timing. Families generally prefer to allow school-aged children to complete semesters and start fresh in a new system. This strategy helps youngsters avoid mid-year disruption, and that’s primarily why upwards of 50 percent of all moves occur between May and September.

Moving companies will be busy helping families relocate to a new home that offers robust opportunities. With the moving logistics and heavy lifting managed by professionals, parents will have more time to help children adjust to the new community and make friends. These are supportive strategies parents and caregivers may want to consider.

1. Create a Moving Scrapbook With Your Child

Consider crafting a photo and essay book with your child that highlights their current home and encourages a sense of moving adventure. This may involve taking photos of their room, toys, yard, and surrounding area. Then, you can write the names of places and thoughts about them directly into the keepsake. It’s also essential to highlight that you are going on a journey and integrate new places into the journal.

It may be worthwhile to print out photos of your new home and label it Chapter Two. The broad reach of the internet may allow you to download images of the new community and neighborhood. Sit with your child as you create the scrapbook keepsake and discuss that the story of these new places has yet to be written. Then, when the moving trucks arrive at your new home, your child will have something positive to focus on while the movers unload the family belongings.

2. Sign Children up for Youth Sports

Physically active children enjoy the benefit of bonding through sports such as fall baseball and recreational soccer, among others. Many of the community-based leagues have sign-ups during late spring and early summer. As a result, parents may believe they have missed deadlines while waiting for closing dates. But it may surprise family members to learn that many local sports organizations make allowances for new arrivals.

Consider touching base with organizers in advance and let them know you will be moving to the area soon. They may offer a late arrival waiver. The best part of fall sports for children is to practice with neighborhood kids and make friends before school begins.

3. Consider Joining Pre-School Play Groups

Youngsters who have not yet aged into Kindergarten can feel lonely after leaving their playmates behind. Given that they will not interact with others their age, you may want to look into established or informal playgroups. Other ways to help small children make friends include going to local playgrounds before the summer heat rises and in the evening after things cool down. Children often make friends naturally, and this also provides parents an opportunity to build relationships as well.

Moving Adjustments

Children are often highly resilient and make new friends relatively easily in many cases. Therefore, taking measures to make the relocation process run smoothly is generally worthwhile. Happy and well-adjusted children help the entire family to put down community roots and enjoy their new home. If you are considering moving during the summer months, contact us for a competitive quote that allows you to focus on your children during the process.


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