October 18, 2017

3 Tips for Minimizing Long Distance Moving Costs

Moving to a new place can be a big adventure with an even bigger price tag, especially across a big distance.

You may be aware of the basics to frugal moving like asking for boxes instead of buying them, or budgeting in advance. Still, long distance moving costs can easily sneak up on you without proper preparation.

Are you planning a cross-country or international move? If so, we’ve got three tips to lower your bill.

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1. Sell or Donate Some Belongings

The more things you have to move, the more you will spend on long distance moving costs.

Before you begin throwing everything into boxes, take the time to realize what you don’t even use anymore. This may look like an extra pile of clothes, stuff in the kitchen you never touch, or old holiday decorations.

Set this extra stuff aside and consider selling or donating it. The things you have laying around may be just the thing a stranger needs, and it can potentially put some extra cash in your pocket.

Whichever method you plan to use, get it done in advance.

If you wait until last-minute to sell your old dining table, you can’t guarantee you’ll get rid of it. Also, most charities prefer you call ahead for them to pick up bulkier items like a couch or mattress.

Pro tip: Consider the space of your new area versus your old housing situation. Even some of the things you love may be worth getting rid of if they won’t have a fitting place.

2. Redeem Rewards Points

If you’re driving the family across a few states while movers take your belongings, you will have costs like gas, food, and hotels to consider.

Most credit card companies offer rewards points on all three, and you probably already have some lined up. Keep racking up more points before your move.

Once the road trip begins, you won’t have to worry as much about an extra pit-stop for gas or a late-night meal.

Plus, you can continue to earn points on the road! In a way, this turns your adventure into a pat on the back from your credit card company.

3. Schedule Your Time

Plan out as much as you can as far ahead as you can.

Consider things like pet vaccinations and car registrations. If you can avoid monthly or annual payments matching up with moving time, you can save taking a big hit to your bank account.

Additionally, planning ahead allows you to make the most of the things in your home right now, such as perishable food items.

Try shopping for only the essentials at the grocery store in the weeks before your move. Or, donate the extra food you end up with.

Get rid of cleaning supplies and extra toiletries, too. These items fall under many companies’ non-allowable lists and won’t be allowed on the moving truck.

Save Big on Long Distance Moving Costs

One of the biggest ways to save on your long distance moving costs is booking your movers in advance.

Don’t wait for the week before or peak season, call us today!

We have all the full-service and DIY moving options you need to make getting to your new home as easy as possible.


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