August 20, 2021

Steps to Make Your Job-Related Move Easier

Moving for a job can be exciting. Knowing that you’ll be starting new work as soon as your relocation takes place can motivate and help alleviate stress. Your new job can be a resource for you as you pick a neighborhood and pay for your relocation. If you’re moving for your job, these tips can help make the process overall smooth and successful. 

1. Seek Resources From Your New Company

Some companies, especially large companies that recruit worldwide, offer relocation resources for new employees. These relocations may include a relocation guide, reimbursement of moving expenses, discounts on movers, and other services that can help make moving less costly.

Talk to the HR representative at your company to find out what kind of moving resources your new company offers. Hopefully, they’ll have this information written down in a policy or booklet that’s easy to follow. Then, read everything you can before deciding which resources can be the most helpful to you. 

2. Get Advice From New Coworkers

Your new coworkers will know where the best neighborhoods are located and may even know of some deals in apartment buildings or homes in the area.

If you know any of your new coworkers or have their contact information, ask them for any advice they may have as you look for a new home. This is an excellent way to get insider information as you conduct your apartment or house search and may also be a perfect way to get to know the people you’ll be working with. 

3. Time the Commute Before Making an Offer

Whether you’re buying a house or renting a home, it’s essential to live in a place that’s close to where you work. Fortunately, you also have the advantage of knowing exactly where you’ll be commuting to work. Time the commute before making an offer or signing a lease.

If the commute is long, think hard before settling on the home. What sounds acceptable now might turn out to be unacceptable after several weeks of long drives to and from your new workplace. On the other hand, if a long commute is the only option, look into public transportation options that could allow you to read a book and make use of your commute time.

4. Consider Renting Before Buying

It’s hard to choose the right place to buy when you’re new to an area. Consider renting first, and buy later when you’re more familiar with the neighborhoods. This way, you won’t be locked into purchasing a home, and you’ll have time to explore different areas of the city before you decide. Renting first will help you make sure that you’ll find the right home and the right property for you!

5. Find the Right Movers

Find the movers who will help make your moving experience a good one. You want to be able to focus on your new job – not the relocation itself. So hire skilled movers who can pack your belongings, unpack in your new home, and transport your personal belongings without incident or accidents. To get started with your relocation, call us for a quote today.


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