April 24, 2023

Moving Advice: How to Pack Your Basement

Your basement might be a multifunctional space, serving as a place for storage, living, workout, and in many cases, laundry.

Basements often contain items you don’t need daily, so packing them for a household move requires special attention. As such, following specific guidelines when clearing a basement is essential. 

Cleaning out the basement will make moving more manageable and allow you to eliminate old items you no longer need and donate them to a good cause.

To clear the basement, you must sort through the contents and decide what to keep and discard. Here are some pointers for organizing and packing a basement for relocation. 

Declutter What You Can

People typically store unwanted clothing in the basement when they no longer fit. When organizing a basement, a good rule is to get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Then, consider donating them to Goodwill or a similar charity. 

The next step is eliminating anything that is no longer functional, whether furniture or appliances. Then, make piles of items to donate instead of packing and moving them.

Additionally, you might discover remnants of your abandoned hobbies and arts and crafts in your basement. If you don’t need them, remove them as well. 

After a thorough round of decluttering, you’ll inevitably be left with a stack of keepsakes. Obtain suitable containers, group similar items together, and then clearly label them.


Make sure you have a variety of box sizes on hand when you dig into packing up your basement.

  • Small boxes are ideal for smaller, heavier items like books, paper, and tools.
  • Large boxes are suitable for lighter, bulky items.
  • Packing paper
  • Tape gun with extra roles of tape
  • Sharpies

Packing Up the Basement

Typically, people store their exercise equipment in the basement, but you may not use yours anymore. If so, arrange to rehome that equipment before the moving truck arrives. Weights and exercise machines are heavy and take up a lot of space on the moving truck, so eliminating it will be your best bet.

If your family still uses the equipment, you must pack it for the trip. For example, a home gym might contain anything from exercise equipment, free weights, workout benches, and treadmills; again, consult your mover for excellent tips for packing it. Weights should go in smaller boxes to keep the box’s weight manageable, and you might need to disassemble other items. Check the instruction manuals as well to prevent damage. 

Gather any screws, nuts, and bolts and seal them into plastic bags. Then attach the bags to the exercise equipment they belong to. 

Gather plenty of boxes in various sizes, packing tape, labels, and markers. This will help you sort through basement contents, package items accordingly, and simplify storing items. 

Holiday Decor and Seasonal Items

Your holiday decorations and seasonal items are most likely packed and organized for the next holiday. Take the time to ensure the boxes are securely packed and labeled and that the boxes are in stable condition and are not torn or frayed. If the boxes are weak, transfer the items, decluttering as you move them into a newer, sturdy box.

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