January 31, 2020

Your Moving Budget: Keeping Track of All Expenses

It’s important to set a budget when you’re moving. A thorough budget will help you avoid financial headaches during and after your move.

In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks for creating your moving budget. If you’re able to keep tabs on your financial situation, you’ll find that you can better focus on the task at hand.

As soon as you know you are moving, set a plan in motion.

One of the first steps is to develop a moving budget that will help guide you throughout your move.

Consider All Expenses When Creating a Budget

Make a comprehensive list of all the costs involved with your household move. Be as detailed as possible.

When developing your budget, consider all things, like cleaning costs, food, moving supplies, replacing everyday items, and stocking up on food and pantry items for your new home. These things may seem insignificant, but together they add up fast.

Create a spreadsheet, or better yet, use an online budget template to keep track of all your expenses, so you know where every dollar is designated.

Professional Movers’ Estimate

When you first contact a moving company, you should always obtain an estimate from them, so you have a place to begin your budgeting. Having an accurate idea of how many items you’re moving and how far the move will be can help them tell you a price estimate that will be as close as possible to the end price.

Extra Services

You should also factor the type of services that you need into the budget. For instance, if you’re busy at work, and you don’t have time to prep your entire apartment or house, a professional moving company can pack for you for an added fee. 

Also, it’s essential to have everything packed and labeled before the moving company shows up. If they have to do more work than what’s been agreed to in the moving contract, or if you are not ready in time and the movers have to wait, you’ll be charged extra. 

Fees For Supplies

For those more interested in packing your items yourself, then you’ll need to budget for the packing supplies. Remember to include boxes, tape, and packing material like packing paper and bubble wrap.

When to Schedule Your Move

If possible, schedule your household move outside of the peak moving season.

Many people choose to relocate in the summer when children are out of school. October through April is the most cost-effective time of the year to move. If it’s possible to move during that timeframe, you could save some money.

Hire a Great Moving Company

If you’re looking for a stress-free move, Metcalf Moving & Storage can help. We work with your budget to get you the best moving services for your money. Take the stress out of budgeting and moving and contact Metcalf Moving today.


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