March 7, 2022

Keep Stress Low: 4 Ways to Stay Calm During a Move

Moving is one of the most significant adjustments a person can face, and it’s normal to feel high levels of stress before, during, and after your move. Here, we’ll take a look at some simple steps you can take to keep your stress levels in check as you work through the household moving process.

Use Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress levels and help the body return to baseline during difficult times. You don’t need to register for an hour-long meditation class to reap the benefits of mindfulness. Simply taking a few moments to focus on your breathing in a dark room can help you center yourself and allow your stress hormones to dissipate. It’s easy to forget to take a few moments to yourself during the hustle and bustle of moving. Set the alarm on your phone for the same time each day to remind yourself to take a step back and concentrate on your well-being.

Be Patient With Yourself

You don’t have to have it all together when going through a residential move. It’s ok if some things like staying on top of returning texts and phone calls to friends fall to the wayside. Let people close to you know that you might be less available as the moving process gets underway, and don’t be too hard on yourself for entirely focusing on your move. While packing up to leave can be hectic and time-sensitive, remember—you’re in charge of the pace with which you settle into your new home. There’s no need to rush once you’re in your new space, and taking time to put away your things with intention can be a great way to ease into your new home.

Ask For Help

You don’t have to figure out the moving process all by yourself. If you have friends and family nearby who can lend a hand, be sure to ask them to assist with the packing and unpacking processes. Show your thanks by ordering lunch, and be sure to return the favor if they need a helping hand down the road. Or, if the challenge is too big, call in professional movers for assistance.

Cluster Tasks

Your moving to-do list can feel overwhelming, but clustering tasks into groups can help. Taking an hour to take care of shutting down utilities in your old home, for example, can knock out a large part of your list and help you feel accomplished. Likewise, when you move into your new home, unpacking one box (instead of one room at a time) can help you stay focused and ward off overwhelming feelings.

Preparing to Move? We’re Here to Help.

No matter how many stress reduction techniques you use, there’s no getting around it: moving out of your old home to a new one is a huge adjustment. We’re here to take on as much of your move as possible, leaving you free to get settled and enjoy your new space. Contact us for a free quote for our moving services.



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