January 27, 2016

What Do I Need to Pack?

If your mover is packing boxes for you, the answer is…nothing!  But, if you are going to pack your own boxes, we have useful tips on what needs to be packed and what can be left for your movers.

Packing Tips: What do I need to pack?

  • Boxes need to have tops on them so they can be stacked in the truck. They don’t necessarily need to be moving boxes, but they should be sturdy and taped closed.
  • It is best to put everything into a box that you can. This includes table lamps, mirrors, pictures, and glass pieces, such as table tops. Larger furniture pieces do not have to be boxed and will be wrapped in pads by your moving crew.
  • It is usually ok to leave dresser drawers full of clothes, linens, blankets, pillows, etc. This can save quite a bit of time. One exception to this would be if the dresser is very fragile or an antique. Then it may be best to pack the items and leave it empty. Also, if you plan to put your things into storage, it’s a good idea to box up those items.
  • Bicycles typically don’t need to be disassembled and can be pad-wrapped by the movers.
  • Lamps should have the shades and bulbs removed and packed separately. Table lamps can be put into boxes. Floor lamps can usually be pad-wrapped by the crew and don’t need to be disassembled.
  • Garden tools (rakes, shovels, etc.) can be left as they are and will be bundled or wrapped together.
  • Small boxes, such as shoe boxes, should be consolidated into larger cartons. Ideally, a small book box or banker’s box is the smallest carton that should be used.
  • Large rugs can be left as they are and the crew will wrap those up as well.

Your moving consultant can give you advice on other specific items at the time of the in-home estimate. We can also supply you with special boxes designed for packing tricky items.  Of course, if there are certain items you are not comfortable packing yourself, we can take care of those for you. Contact us to help you with your moving needs!



Excellent estimation process. Made us feel comfortable about the move process. Kept us updated on the move progress throughout. Was proactive in informing us. Excellent job bringing our stuff to our new home quickly and with care.

- Mukul D.