July 5, 2018

Ways You Can Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience

Each year, there are approximately 3 million interstate household moves.

This doesn’t even account for the local moves. For many, this is a process that can cause feelings of dread.

If this is the case, and you want to know how to make moving easier and less stressful, then you’re in the right place.

Learn more about how to have a stress-free move.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

There are some situations where a move may sneak up on you. As a result, you are forced to move at the last minute.

So, plan ahead! If possible, give yourself eight weeks to plan and organize your move. If you are planning to hire movers, then having 12 weeks of planning is even better.

The more time you allow for the move, the less stress you are going to experience.

Create a Timeline

Getting organized for a move is the best way to ensure it is stress-free. Make a list of everything that needs to be done.

Once you have your list, divide the items into weeks. Make sure you have enough days to finish everything on the list for that week.

Clear Away Clutter

Reducing unwanted items should be at the very top of your “to-do” list when you are getting ready to move. Eliminating the clutter will help you be more organized for your move.

It will also help make packing a lot easier. After all, why would you want to pack something and then have to get rid of it after you move?

Make a Packing List

Create a room by room packing list. Jot everything down! Before you pack anything, develop a system. Label every side of each box you pack and write the contents on your list.

Find Help

In many cases, it’s hard to ask for help. But, you should remember that most people have moved and know how demanding and complex it is.

Contact family members and friends to see if they have a few hours to help you sort through things, pack, and actually move.

If you’re planning an interstate move, it may be one of the last opportunities you have to spend time with these people.

If you have difficulty rounding up enough friends and family to help you with your move, then contact a professional moving company to help you with the process.

Have Some Fun

Moving is demanding, so it is essential to take a little time to take care of yourself during the process.

Make time for exercising like yoga, walking, or running, or take an opportunity to pamper yourself with a massage or lunch out with a friend. Take your time to have some fun too. This will ensure you don’t get burnt out and frazzled.

Enjoy Stress-Free Moving With These Tips

Remember, stress-free moving is possible, but it takes some work.

If you would like help with your move, or information on moving with kids, be sure to contact us. At Metcalf Moving & Storage, we are here to help.


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