October 15, 2019

Using a Moving Company for the First Time? 7 Moving Day Tips

Are you using a moving company for the first time and wondering what to expect on moving day? Professional movers make the transition much easier, but you still have plenty to do.

A little preparation goes a long way when moving to a new home. By making things as easy as possible for you and the movers, you can ensure a seamless transition.

Let’s go over seven moving day tips for working with the pros.

1. Have Everything Packed

If you have opted to pack up your home yourself without professional packing assistance, make sure you have completed the packing before the movers arrive.

Secure all boxes with packing tape, so nothing comes loose in transit. It’s also essential to avoid packing boxes with too much stuff, making them too heavy.

2. Label All Your Boxes

Your movers need to know which boxes contain fragile items so they can handle them with care. The best way to let them know is by labeling every box.

Indicate the contents of each box and label what room each box should go in. Your movers can then place each box in the appropriate room at your new home.

3. Make Sure Appliances Are Ready to Go

Check to see if any of your appliances need to be disconnected from water or gas lines by a licensed plumber or need any special prepping to stabilize them before moving.

Major appliances are some of the most challenging items to move. Make things easier for your movers by getting them ready to go before moving day. 

Remove everything from your refrigerator and dishwasher. You may even want to clean your oven before the move. The movers can take care of the rest.

4. Provide Easy Access to Your Home

The moving company you hire will need to have easy access to your home. This means having a place they can park the truck and clear entryways for moving large items.

If you have back doors that may be more suitable for taking out couches or beds, let them know. Make sure all doors are unlocked, and the garage is open, so they’re not restricted to the front door.

5. Give Your Movers Room to Work

You may feel the need to help your movers and follow them around to answer questions. However, it’s better to give them space to work.

Remember, these are professionals who’ve perfected their process. If they have a question, they’ll ask. It’s better to let them do the job you hired them for.

6. Stick Around

While giving your movers space is a good thing, don’t disappear completely. When a question arises, they need to know where to find you.

A great idea is to designate a spot where you can work on other things related to your move. Let them know where you’ll be, and they can find you if something comes up.

7. Consider Children and Pets

If you have kids or pets, you need to make sure they’re out of the way when the movers are working. Not only will this make the movers’ job easier, it keeps your children and pets safe.

Designate a room for your children to hang out in while the movers work. Or see if your children and pets can spend the day out of the house with family or friends.

Consider These Tips When Using a Moving Company 

Professional movers take the hassle out of a major move. If you’re using professional movers for the first time, keep these tips in mind.

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