March 27, 2020

Making a Move for Your Career: A Quick Guide on How to Relocate

If you’re planning a move because of a new job, it’s time to make a plan that will make relocation easy and streamlined.

Invest some time in locational research and budgeting. From there, all that’s left is finding the right moving company that will handle your belongings with care.

Read on to learn more about how to relocate for your career.

Research the New Area

When you’ve been offered a new position in a new city, start with some basic research. How high is the average cost of living? Are there public amenities such as transportation or will you need to rely on your own car?

If you have the time, visit your new city in advance. Buying or renting a new home is always less daunting when you’ve seen the new area in person. 

If you have to make a housing call over the internet, ask for dimensions. Think about the furniture you own now and determine whether it will fit in your new space. If there isn’t room for certain pieces, consider donating or selling them rather than moving them.

Map Out Your Budget

Begin your budgeting process by enquiring with your boss about a relocation package. If the answer is yes, find out what it covers. Some packages only include the packing and moving costs, themselves, while others may even cover temporary housing fees and more.

When you’re creating a relocation budget, factor in the money owed to moving professionals, if your budget is tight, consider do-it-yourself options.

You also need to include the estimated cost of gas, food, and hotels. Finally, consider any necessities you need to purchase upon arrival as well as initial housing fees or down payments you need to pay.

Find the Right Moving Company

Once you’ve made your arrangements for your arrival, it’s time to focus on the moving process itself. Decide whether you want to pack your belongings, yourself, or hire your movers to take care of the task from start to finish. No matter who’s packing, take the time to organize your belongings and get rid of anything you won’t need after the relocation.

Remember, not all moving companies will perform long-distance moves. If you’re moving beyond your city or state, make sure that your movers can complete that journey before you sign any contracts. 

Make a “How to Relocate” Checklist 

When figuring out how to relocate, break the process down into small, achievable goals and a timeline for completing each objective.

If you’re moving to or from Minnesota and you’re ready to hire a moving company, contact us. In the moving industry for over 100 years, we guarantee excellent service from start to finish.





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