April 1, 2016

How to Pack Your Computers and Electronics

Advance preparation
Do you have receipts to verify the replacement costs of your computer equipment and electronic devices? These should be inclusive of accessories and software. If you don’t, consider getting an estimate of your equipment’s current retail value before choosing a protection plan from your United mover. You can select a plan that offers full-value protection for your computers and electronics in the event of loss or damage.


Protecting your valuable information
It is always a good idea to back up your computer files ─ even more so when you are moving. Should your computer sustain damage or loss, you don’t want to be without access to pictures, financial documents, work files, research and personal documents that may be impossible to recreate. Back up everything on an external drive and ideally keep it with your other important personal effects in your vehicle. At minimum, pack it carefully in a separate box from your computer.

Packing considerations when moving computers and electronics
Be aware that any electronic device is sensitive to high and low temperatures. Standard moving vans are not climate-controlled, which can amplify the extreme temperatures that cause warping, cracking, condensation, shortened battery life, and data loss. If possible, it may be best to keep important electronic devices with you in your vehicle, where you can better control the climate. This should be given especially careful consideration in summer and winter when extreme temperatures are the norm.

Packing printers
Remove ink and toner cartridges before packing. The cartridges should travel with you in your vehicle to avoid damage, particularly if there is a risk of high temperatures. Pack printers according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in the original packaging if you still have it. Otherwise, completely pack the printer on all sides with crumpled news wrap or bubble wrap. If you no longer have access to the owner’s manual, search online for any instructions relevant for your model. Be sure to secure the printer head with cardboard or plastic to prevent shifting during transit.

Packing computers and monitors

It is highly recommended that you get assistance from your mover to avoid risking damage to your computer as a result of insufficient packing. If you have the original carton and packing material that your computer and monitor came in, you may be able to repack them safety yourself. Otherwise, you can use large, sturdy boxes and surround the computer and monitor completely on all sides with crumpled news wrap or bubble wrap.

Packing other electronics
Other electronic devices can be placed in sturdy boxes, surrounded by crumpled news wrap. Ask your move coordinator about specially sized electronics boxes made to accommodate home entertainment consoles. You can find additional instructions for moving your electronic devices in the owner’s manuals, or on the manufacturer’s website.

Delivery of computers and electronic devices
As with all of your belongings, be sure to confirm all of your electronic devices are present and in the same condition upon delivery.

In extreme temperatures, wait for 24 hours before plugging in and turning on your electronic devices. This will allow them to adjust to room temperature and avoid potential damage. Watch for any condensation on your electronics, as it’s a sign of potential damage. If any of your belongings are not as they were on pickup, speak with your United agent for assistance in filing a claim.




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