September 12, 2022

Change of Address Checklist for Your Move

When preparing for moving day, in the weeks leading up to the transition, it’s essential to keep a change of address checklist on hand so you can start letting people know. Ensuring you send out the proper change of address notifications is vital for several reasons. It’ll help you keep track of critical documents, ensure utilities are turned on, and keep your identity safe from prying ID thieves.

As you get ready to move, here is a checklist of who you should start notifying before the big day.

Utility Companies

Whether you’re closing, opening, or transferring utilities, you want to let companies know where you will need services and which ones are no longer necessary. So start planning for disconnection, settling accounts, and connection dates with all companies about a month ahead of your move.

Post Office

Even if you think you have remembered to update everyone, always ask for a change of address with the U.S. Post Office. There will always be stray mail that arrives, some of which might contain important information or compromise your privacy. By having your mail forwarded (USPS does this for one year), you can avoid missed mail and then update addresses if unexpected mail arrives.

Government Entities

Be sure to notify the IRS and your state tax agency and let them know you’re moving. To learn what to do, visit the IRS and your state tax agency’s websites to determine your best options. Other agencies to contact are the Social Security Administration, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, and any other federal, state, or local agencies you deal with, depending on your specific situation.

Financial Institutions

When making changes to addresses, contact your bank, credit card companies, investment companies, loan companies, and any other financial institutions you do business with (including PayPal and other online companies). You can do this online or via an app by updating your profiles. If not, call and speak with the financial entity directly.

Insurance Companies

One of the businesses you should be talking to is your insurance company because you’ll need homeowners’ or renters’ insurance in the new place and discontinue it in the old. As you speak to them, update your address with your auto, healthcare, life, and any other insurance policies you may hold, since sometimes people work with multiple companies.


Even if you have direct deposit, you’ll need to change your address with your employer, so tax forms, human-resources-related information, retirement accounts, and other critical work-related documents are forwarded to your new address.


If you order things online, change your address with the vendors. This might include Amazon, eBay, Etsy, food delivery services, magazines, newspapers, and any stores you routinely order products from online.

Miscellaneous Notifications

So you won’t miss anyone, we’ve got a few additional suggestions of others you’ll want to update with a new address which might include:

  • Friends and family
  • Colleagues and business associates
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Memberships (e.g., Costco)
  • Loyalty cards for stores (new phone number too)
  • Smart home apps for devices/equipment

Also, scroll through your contacts; chances are you’ll find others you’ll want to keep in the loop and let know about your relocation.

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