August 12, 2019

Business Moving Checklist: Don’t Forget These 5 Important Items!

If your business is growing and it’s now time to relocate, it’s the beginning of an exciting new era for your company.

The key to a successful office relocation is to prepare in advance for the big day.

Here are five essential things to add to your business moving checklist.

1. Plan and Budget

Moving a business is a tremendous endeavor, so it’s best to prepare a budget well in advance. Get estimates from several moving companies so you have a good idea of how much the move will cost.

Before moving day, have a floorplan of your new location. This will make the process much smoother when it’s time to put desks and furniture in their new place. Give each employee a copy of the plan, so everyone will know where they’ll be located.

2. Get your Network Ready for the Move

No business can afford to have downtime, and this is especially true when you’re focused on relocation. Make sure you include your IT department as part of your business moving checklist.

They can help you get ready for updates to internet service, telephone system, and all related equipment. Coordinate with your IT team ahead of time, so they can be fully prepared to set things up in the new office space.

3. Prep your New Place

Whether it’s a new set of desks or supplies for the breakroom, order everything you need for the new location in advance. Schedule the delivery of new furniture and computers to correspond with the move date.

To prevent too much activity on the move day have everything delivered a day or two ahead of time. This will allow you ample space and time you need to get things organized before everyone comes to work at the new spot.

4. Make Address Updates ASAP

After you sign a lease for your new place of business, updating your address should be a top priority. Your customers, clients, and others need to know where you’re located and getting this done in advance will make life much easier.

Don’t forget to change the address on things like business cards, internet listings, and company letterhead. Have your employees update their email signature, too. Sometimes an address change can take longer than you want it to, so you should get this done as quickly as possible.

5. Get Everyone Organized

Moving locations can cause things to get lost in the shuffle. Avoid this problem by clearly labeling all boxes.

This simple tip can make the unpacking and organizing part of the process so much easier. Tag each area of the new office with employee names, and ask your movers to place the boxes with the corresponding names.  

Moving Made Simple

Use these handy tips so you can cross everything off your business moving checklist. With a little planning and organization, your big move can be a smooth one.

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