August 2, 2018

5 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust When Moving to a New School

As a group, Americans are pretty mobile, but moving is a stressful experience.

The process is often much harder on children, especially teenagers. They have to start a new school, which means leaving behind their friends, teachers, and old school routines.

If your family is moving to a new city soon, your child will have to begin a new school this fall. You are probably concerned both about the transition and their welfare.

Don’t worry! It will take time for all of you to adjust to your new environment. But, with your encouragement and support, moving to a new school can become a positive experience for your child. Read on for tips to make the process easier!

1. When Moving With Kids, Listen to their Concerns

Communication is critical for successfully transitioning to a new school. This is true before, during, and after your family’s move.

First, make sure to explain as much as you can about the move before it happens. Talk to your child about why you are moving and what their new home and school will be like.

If they have concerns or questions, be sure to listen, respond empathetically, and alleviate them if you can.

After your child has begun attending their new school, make sure you take the time to listen to them then as well. Be on the lookout for signs they are unhappy or not adjusting (you can also reach out to their teachers if needed).

When you help your child successfully navigate this transition, you build up their confidence. After coming through the other side, they’ll know they can handle anything life throws at them!

2. Check Out Your Child’s School Before the First Day

If possible, visit your child’s new school before the school year starts. See if you and your child can get a tour. This will give you (and your child) a chance to both see the school and ask questions.

Try to visit their homeroom, the cafeteria, gym, and auditorium. Also, take note of where the bathrooms are.

Seeing these places in person will do a lot to reduce your child’s anxiety. Knowing where to go is one less thing they’ll have to worry about, making them more confident on their first day.

3. Go With Your Child To Their First Day of School

Your nervous teenager might not want you tagging along, but if possible, go with your child to their first day of school. Having a supportive parent can help them feel secure.

It also gives you the chance to meet your child’s teacher. You can alert them to any concerns or questions, which will make you feel confident as well!

4. Continue to Reach Out to Your Child’s Teachers

When your child is adjusting to a new school, you won’t want to limit communication about their well-being to the first day. It’ll take time for your child to adjust, and regular feedback will help you help them do so more quickly.

Let your child’s teacher know the best way to contact you. If you’d like to have regular in-person meetings or phone calls, tell them.

Teachers are happy when parents are engaged. So, don’t feel like you’re bothering them!

5. Socialize As Much as Possible

Try to encourage your child to make new friends as it will help them settle into their new school much faster. There are many ways you can go about this!

Hosting a neighborhood get-together is one option. Also, consider inviting kids over for a playdate. You can also volunteer to take everyone to a movie or the mall.

You can’t (and shouldn’t) make friends for your child. However, you can set up opportunities for them to do so on their own.

Conclusion: Moving to a New School

Moving to a new school can be tough on a child, but, with a little help from you, they can make the transition successfully. Maintaining a positive outlook, being a good listener, and providing opportunities to socialize are all things you can do to help them thrive.

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