July 25, 2022

5 Tips About What to Wear on Moving Day

As you get closer to moving day, it will be time to make an essentials box that includes the clothing you will wear on moving day. So, you must plan what to wear on your moving day.

The appropriate clothing depends on how you will participate in the move. Here are a few tips to ensure your best comfort and safety during the residential moving process.

1. Comfortable, Fitted Clothing

By the time you get to moving day, you might be wearing whatever you haven’t packed. Wearing whatever is left may not be a wise choice.

Selecting comfortable, fitted clothing for the move is essential. You need to be able to move with freedom.

Keep in mind that comfortable doesn’t have to mean loose. Loose clothing is more likely to catch on things, which is a hazard when carrying items. If you worry that nothing you have will fit the bill, learn how to shop your size and head to the store.

2. Breathable Fabrics

Even on a cold day, moving can cause you to sweat. That’s why many people wear something like workout gear when they move. These fabrics know how to breathe.

The most breathable fabrics allow moisture to pass, so it doesn’t collect next to your skin. So, if you get hot, you’ll need this capability.

There are a variety of options, so you should plan to do some research in advance. Cotton and polyester are some of the best choices.

3. Layers

Moving on a cool day can be a great way to minimize the sweat and stress that comes with heat. But if you live in a place that warms up quickly with the sun, you’ll need layers.

Get a few lightweight layers you can wear or take off when necessary. If it’s moderately cold outside, start with a short-sleeve tee, a lightweight sweatshirt, and a windbreaker.

Don’t forget layers for your head and hands. A pair of gloves and a hat can help keep your head comfortable and your hands limber while you work.

4. Sturdy Shoes

As you pack, keep out a pair of sturdy, closed-toed shoes. Preferably, you should have something with good arch support. If you must climb many stairs, consider a pair with good ankle support.

Choose shoes you’ve worn enough to feel comfortable but not so worn that they are falling apart. You may need the tread if the path gets wet or slippery.

If you have to buy something new, give yourself at least a few weeks to break them in. You’ll be less likely to get blisters that way.

5. Hair Ties

Moving requires a lot of movement, typically while your hands are full. You’ll want to keep your hair out of the way. Choose a hair tie that is easy to put on and unlikely to break.

If your hair is too short for a ponytail but too long to stay out of your face, consider using clips, barrettes, bobby pins, or a headband. Even a hat is better than nothing.

Figuring out what to wear for the move can be an important decision. Contact us for more help in planning your upcoming move.


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