September 19, 2022

5 Things to Consider When Moving to a New Neighborhood

When looking at a new house, apartment, or condo, you’re likely to focus on how well the unit fits into your lifestyle. Is it big enough? Does it have the features and fixtures you want? Is it going to be hard to maintain? But, the area where your new accommodations are is just as important. So, as you’re conducting your home search, you should also pay attention to the neighborhood. 

Here are five things to consider when moving to a new community.

1. Walkability

Some cities are built for walking, while others require cars or public transportation. So if you don’t have anything close by where you can walk (or it’s unsafe to do so), you’ll have to rely on your car or public transportation to do anything. Consider which option fits your lifestyle.

A neighborhood’s walkability score can significantly impact your quality of life. For example, if you can walk to different stores and retailers, you can take care of errands and buy essentials without the hassles of driving. Also, consider whether you want to be able to walk around the neighborhood itself and whether that’s feasible or not. For example, maybe you have dogs or kids, so parks and playgrounds are essential.

2. Schools and Education

This part mostly matters if you have school-age children or if you’re attending school yourself. You can look up nearby institutions, including private and charter schools. Pay attention to what parents and educators are saying about these schools and whether they’re a good fit for your kids. In some cases, you may have to attend the school closest to your residence, but usually, you’ll have at least a few options from which to choose.

3. Urban vs. Suburban Environments

Moving to the suburbs was the ultimate way to own a personal slice of Americana for many years. But, these days, urban living is becoming much more popular because cities have so much to offer. The number of conveniences and experiences might outweigh any negative aspects of the town you are considering.

When deciding between city or suburban life, you’ll need to determine what features are most vital to you. For example, the suburbs may be a good choice if you don’t mind driving everywhere. Alternatively, if you prefer public transportation or the convenience of walking, you likely need to be in or close to the city.

4. Types of Stores/Retail Outlets

Some neighborhoods have everything you need and more. In these cases, you could potentially take care of all your errands and entertainment options without leaving the area. Some essential stores include:

  • Grocery – Do you have multiple grocery options (i.e., big chains and independent stores), and do they sell the items you prefer? How late are they open?
  • Department Store – Wal-Mart and Target are excellent options to buy practically anything you need. You may also be close to a regional department store if you don’t want to shop at a big chain.
  • Gas Stations – Where is the nearest gas station, and how much is it? If you have to go far to fill up your car, you’ll need to plan when you’re out and about.
  • Retailers – If you like to go shopping, are there stores nearby you’d like to visit? Some neighborhoods have a main strip with lots of unique and quirky shops.

5. Safety

Finally, while all areas have crime, some are riskier than others. Therefore, it’s also crucial to look up the primary types of crime in the neighborhood. For example, if car break-ins are common, you might need to park inside a garage or parking lot. Overall, be smart about your area and its potential limitations.

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